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The Chest Hares are a family band. They are the Truett/Zimmermans or the Zimmerman/Truetts or the Zimmeretts or Trumans--otherwise known as Mama Hare, Papa Hare, and Kyle Hare. They got their start in 2014 when Papa (aka Brett Truett) started a tribute to the Beatles on his Facebook page to commemorate the 50th anniversary of their first arrival in America. This project, which became known as The Beatles 50/50 was hatched by Brett after he pledged to post 50 videos of himself performing 50 seconds of 50 Beatles songs in 50 days. The project took on a magical life of its own when other friends of his from every significant era of his life spontaneously joined in and started posting videos of themselves performing Beatles songs. As things progressed, his wife and son, Fara Zimmerman and Kyle Truett, joined in the festivities and eventually they were performing Beatles songs as a band. It was fun and exciting for them and, after it was all over, they didn't want to stop, and The Chest Hares were born. The curious name started as a joke but it eventually ended up feeling right because it gave the band an irreverent and fun tone that worked for their let's-not-take-this-too-fucking-seriously vibe. They kicked off their next phase by starting a Facebook page dedicated to their little band and decided to kick it all off with their 50 Artists Tribute. This undertaking, which is ongoing, has them making videos of full band arrangements of songs by 50 different artists. They have had several guest singers, and have performed numerous songs on their own. They also got inspired by all the great songs they were covering and started writing their own. They made their first music video for the catchy Chest Hares Blues in 2016, where they collaborated with their longtime friend and collaborator, artist, animator and director, Francisco Enciso. They are also in the process of writing and recording an album, and planning another music video and a documentary. They are still, however, committed to finishing the 50 artist series, and they have several new songs and guests lined up for 2020. The band has also garnered a reputation for fun and frolicking live performances. They backed rising star Cait Brennan in 2015 at the Los Angeles International Pop Overthrow festival, and performed notable shows in 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018 featuring some fantastic guest singers and players at exclusive house parties at The Chest Hares Hideout in the Los Angeles area. They also headlined Burbank Music Academy's Summers End Fest Fundraiser in August 2016, where they reunited with Cait Brennan for a few songs after delivering a joyous set of originals and covers from their 50 artist series, spanning six decades of music.

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